May 27, 2024

Tricia Oak

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What to Look for in an Aerospace Machining Company 

With the evolution of science and technology, aerospace engineers are beginning to shift their focus on using plastic parts in place of metals because they are more corrosion resistant, lighter, stronger, and durable. This material has helped reshape the aerospace industry by ensuring different unlimited applications, cutting the cost of production, and simplifying operations. Here are what to look for before choosing an aerospace machining company.

Watch out for competency and Abilities

Aero parts must have certain qualities that make them outstanding in the aerospace industry. Before hiring an aerospace machining company, ensure that there are well capable of designing and producing your aerospace needs. In the aerospace industry, there are three plastic production processes: injection molding, 3D printing, and plastic machining. A competent aerospace machining company should be able to tell you the pros and cons of these technologies. The aerospace machining company should also be able to translate your design through customer care, quality, and production processes.

They should be certified 

The purpose of certification is to ensure that all the processes involved in manufacturing are reliable, adequately documented, and repeatable. An aerospace machining company should have all necessary inspection equipment, have quality control, and comply with international standards. All the parts made by the aerospace machining company should be traceable and meet all regulatory standards.

Products should meet industry standards

Aerospace machining companies must meet industry standards like the international standard organization (ISO) to ensure that their products are of standard quality. Be wary of companies that do not comply with these standards. Look for the company’s ISO certification. For example, ISO 9001 is a license issued for companies that meet customer satisfaction. If this license is not issued to the company, that would raise questions. Also notable certifications like AS9100, which is similar to ISO 9001 with additional aerospace manufacturing requirements designed for a specific industry quality system and regulatory needs.

They should have a proven track record. 

The aerospace machining company you choose to work with must have vast experience in the aerospace industry and should have a traceable track record in different manufacturing processes and fabrication services. Also, they must have good knowledge about aerospace plastic if they need to recommend the best option for you.

Should not be primarily involved in metal parts production

When picking an aerospace machining company, never choose a metal manufacturing company to produce plastic parts for you because the risk of contamination may be possible. It is virtually impossible to rid of metallic contaminants from equipment used to make metal parts, which can cause soft plastic to absorb fragments of metals. This may cause the plastic to degrade and eventually break down. 

Final notes 

The aerospace industry is known for its standard and high-quality demands. The finesse applied to aircraft makes it essential to produce high-standard parts. If you are looking for an aerospace machining company, this article is for you.