May 27, 2024

Tricia Oak

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Meta’s stock plummeted because it lied about the ‘value of the company’: Frances Haugen

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen joins ‘Influencers with Andy Serwer’ to discuss the reasons guiding Meta’s Wall Road difficulties.

Movie Transcript

There are a ton of investors watching this, Frances. And I’m curious, are you an trader? Would you– do you possess these stocks? Would you buy these shares? Would you quick these stocks? Would you brief Meta Facebook? Can you?

FRANCES HAUGEN: So I am a huge holder of Fb inventory because I are unable to provide it.

Why are not able to you provide it?

For the reason that I am an insider. Proper, ideal.

That’s variety of a bummer then, right?

Perfectly, I have professional the inventory slide. I have felt the suffering alongside with all people else.

Properly, this is attention-grabbing mainly because when they came out with earnings the other day, you tweeted out that the organization, the inventory drop resulted from the corporation lying about substance troubles. So you’re essentially tweeting towards your own holding then I guess, in a sense.

You know I believe men and women, I imagine unless Fb modifications a large amount of men and women are likely to die. And the truth is a lot of persons do get wiped out by the stock slide. Like a large amount of folks despatched me memes, quite humorous memes of, like, there is certainly an incredible graphic ideal now of do you bear in mind Mark Zuckerberg riding the hydrofoil? Ideal, he has the American flag, correct, he is using hydrofoil. It’s a common internet item. Someone had juxtaposed just that and the inventory heading down. Like him browsing the stock likely down.

And a bunch of folks like message them all to me. They’re like, oh you should really tweet this out. And the truth is, like, as a shareholder, you know, when Fb misleads people today about the benefit of the enterprise and when you lie about material troubles, you are lying about the value of the corporation. Which is the main of our SEC complaint.

People get damage, correct. People’s retirements get wiped out. You know, individuals have prepared to me and said, I have close friends who had, this is not good investment assistance, they had 50% of their holdings, they experienced 60% of their holdings, 70% of their holdings in Facebook due to the fact no a person believed Fb was heading to go down. Like, I seemed at the value of puts ideal ahead of it happened and no one imagined Fb was going to go down a week in advance of it did. Like we’re chatting it was pennies for puts that ended up 10% a lot less than the worth of Fb.

I like finding out options markets for the reason that it is really like the collective intelligence of the globe, correct. I’m a information scientist so I adore these factors. And you know, people received deeply damage by the stock slide. And we ignore that. We forget about the psychological aspect and we forget about that it is really real people’s life.