September 22, 2023

Tricia Oak

Business & Finance Excellency

How will Disney vs. DeSantis, society wars have an impact on small business in Florida

When you enter on a single of the highways from neighboring states, you’re greeted by blue signals that say: “Welcome to Florida.”

About a decade back, when Rick Scott was governor, he experienced scaled-down indicators included with his title and a message to people.

“Open for Enterprise.”

That was Scott’s mantra. Progress and jobs, positions, jobs. No matter the problem, that was the answer.

It was a relatively typical conservative strategy to attracting companies to Florida. If you continue to keep taxes lower, eliminate pesky polices and invite corporations to build it — pretty considerably wherever they want — they will occur.

People now really feel like simpler times.

During the pandemic, Florida’s hottest governor also designed “open for business” a mantra. It is additional than his marketing for the condition. It’s his internet marketing for himself, for his political ambitions.