June 16, 2024

Tricia Oak

Business & Finance Excellency

How Nine Entrepreneurs Use Tech to Enhance Everyday Business Practices

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In the modern world, it’s not just consumers who use wearables, apps or software to better their lives. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are also able to leverage new technology to enhance their business practices and ultimately improve their everyday work.

Whether it’s an easy-to-use software program or app, or a culture-wide adoption of technology to meet a growing need, tech solutions have the capability to change the way a business (and its people) function in a meaningful way. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members each share one way they use technology to better their businesses.

Task Management

Our company-wide productivity and communication improved significantly upon adopting task management and tracking tools like Asana. On-demand visibility into what everyone is working on and knowing the entire team is on the same page are invaluable. – Tyler ‘Jett’ Prescott, PennyFly Entertainment

Video Emails

A game-changer for me is that I now handle most of my email responses in video format. Without a doubt, it’s had a huge impact. Potential clients consistently say they’re genuinely impacted by receiving a personalized video email. Communication has little to do with what actual words we use, and mostly occurs in our inflection, gestures, emphasis and pitch—all of which is completely lost in text. – Neil Moore, Simply Music

Real-Time Digital Tracking

Real-time digital tracking of all physical goods in an integrated ERP system that tracks labor has proven very informative when it comes to real-cost accounting, inventory control and removing redundant cross-departmental systems. The large cloud database storage capabilities have made this change possible and, though it’s not perfect, it can illuminate many details that may be overlooked. – Lizandro Salazar, ArcataX Inc.

New Distribution Channels

I, for one, make use of distribution channels a lot. It’s one aspect of technology that has changed the way I conduct business. The rise of streaming services has revolutionized the way music is delivered to listeners. As a music producer or artist, harnessing the power of streaming services and social media has never been so important. This is a gift we didn’t have decades ago. – Tony M Fountain, Now Entertainment

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Long-Distance Collaboration

Thanks to communication technology, our entire team is remote, giving us the opportunity to work with the best of the best from all over the world. With platforms like Google Docs and Sheets, we can track data and share ideas all in one place. With Slack, we can communicate quick questions or comments the same way you would in an office. And with Zoom, we can have important face-to-face meetings. – Codie Sanchez, Contrarian Thinking


In the modern world, everyone needs to be taught how to be organized and productive from a young age. I believe most people harness great potential but lack the skills to properly organize their thoughts into plans. Productivity tools like Notion, Slack and Google Drive can improve anyone’s productivity. Creatives become exponentially more productive when paired with organizational tools. – Milan Kordestani, Guin Records


We use a simple and intuitive cloud-based scheduling app (monday.com) to make sure the team is on the same page and that we are accountable to ourselves and the rest of the team. The better you plan, the more time and energy you have to do things that are more fun than work! – Nancy A Shenker, theONswitch & nunu ventures

Remote Communication

Technology has enabled us to expand our team around the nation due to remote capabilities, which has been especially helpful during Covid. We also use it to keep in touch with customers and get real-time updates to them on when they can expect their Surreal Brews to get to their doorstep. – Donna Hockey, Surreal Brewing Company

Creative Notes

The creative mind is a conduit to its own universe and it’s important to jot down ideas when the inspiration sparks. I like to use technology simply by using Siri on my phone to take “notes to self” or memos and later explore them to further the vision. The moment passes quickly, but technology keeps it alive and helps to realize the dream. You may not have a pen, but you have your phone. – Ricardo Roig, Roig Collection