September 22, 2023

Tricia Oak

Business & Finance Excellency

Greenville business license incentives could bring more grocery stores

More grocery stores could be coming to “special-emphasis” neighborhoods like Greater Sullivan, Arcadia Hills and West Greenville thanks to a major overhaul of the city of Greenville’s business-license collection.

Greenville City Council is voting to establish a program that would offer incentives for certain new businesses, including grocery stores in historically minority and low-income neighborhoods. 

The program passed the first of two readings at the City Council meeting Monday night. 

The targeted business license and building permit rebate grant program would offer five-year, 100% business license rebate to new businesses, including:

  • Artists in the Central Business District downtown, the West End and the Village of West Greenville
  • Retail in the CBD and the West End
  • Manufacturing business
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Grocery stores in special-emphasis neighborhoods
  • Any commercial annexation