June 6, 2023

Tricia Oak

Business & Finance Excellency

A new period for technology and for business enterprise leaders

The post-pandemic era has well and truly begun. With transforming instances arrive modifying expectations, and as with just about every new movement, expectation about ‘how items have been’ has advanced. A key target of the place this adjust is needed is in the office. It is no key that what the majority of the UK’s employees now be expecting in the world of do the job has changed and it is essential for business enterprise leaders to acquire be aware if we are to keep on being a foremost country in technology and business enterprise.

About the author

Rob Walker, United kingdom&I MD, Cognizant.

1 point is sure: the activities of the final couple several years, subsequently ensuing in the phenomenon we now know as the ‘Great Resignation’, have witnessed the electrical power of ‘how we work’ go into the palms of employees. This may well audio ominous for senior administration but, living in a democratic modern society that we celebrate, small business leaders ought to see it as an chance to present an progressed way of doing the job a single that will harness and nurture a new symbiotic connection in between staff and the office.